Early Paintings from Syosset High School to C.W. Post College
August 1978-August 1984

Regents Diploma, Honors in Art
Syosset High School, Syosset, NY
September 1977-June 1980

School of Architecture
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
September 1980-May 1981

Bachelor of Arts, Art Studio
(Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics, Art History)
C.W. Post College of Long Island University, Brookville, NY
Dean’s List, Magna Cum Laude (g.p.a. 3.73)
September 1981-May 1984

Master of Fine Arts Major
(Painting, Photography, Art History)
University at Albany, State University of New York, Albany, NY
September 1984-May 1985

Painting and Figure Drawing
The Art Students League of New York, New York City
September 1985-December 1985

Master of Fine Arts, Painting
(Painting, Art History)
Hunter College of The City University of New York, New York City
January 1986-December 1987

Syosset High School

Green Painting,
8/78, Acrylic on Canvas, 22"x18"
This painting shows my interest in creating abstract art.

Cave, 9/78, Acrylic on Canvas Board, 18"x24"

Tree and Fence, 10/78, Acrylic on Canvas Board, 24"x18"

Blue to Red, 1/79, Acrylic on Canvas Board, 20"x16"
This shows my interest in blending and the use of color in art.

C.W. Post College

Red Trees, 12/81, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x30"

July 4th, 7/4/82, Acrylic on Canvas Board, 18"x24"

Green Moonscape, 9/82, Oil on Canvas, 18"x24"
I did many paintings during this semester.

Brown Moonscape, 9/82, Oil on Canvas, 24"x18"

Orange and Brown (Spy), 10/82, Oil on Canvas, 24"x30"

Aqua Splash, 11/82, Oil on Canvas, 36"x24"

Brown, Orange, Yellow (B.O.Y.), 11/82, Oil on Canvas, 28"x36"

Orange Diagonal (Brushstroke), 2/83, Oil on Canvas, 65"x26"
This is my first shaped canvas and first painting using one solid color.

Orange Triangles (Spinning),
2/83, Oil on Canvas, 37"x43"
I experimented with movement and using the negative space
(of the wall) as part of the painting.

Black and White Striped Diamond,
4/83, Acrylic & Latex on Canvas, 64"x36"
This is my first striped painting and an experiment creating vibration.

7/83, Acrylic on Canvas, 25"x40"

Color Striped Triangle, 11/83, Acrylic on Canvas, 35"x40"
This painting took very long to paint because of the amount of stripes that were taped.
It is one of my favorites of the period because of its use of color.

Highway, 12/83, Acrylic on Canvas, 32"x32"

Gray Square (Cigarette Box), 2/84, Acrylic on Canvas, 26"x26"

Green Parallelagram,
2/84, Acrylic on Canvas, 29"x48"

Box in Perspective,
3/84, Acrylic & Gesso on Canvas, 57"x57"

Three Black Squares (Repetition), 3/84, Latex & Gesso on Canvas, 29"x47"

Installation Views of the Senior Show at C.W. Post College, 5/84
Box in Perspective, Square 45, Square 60 and Six Triangles

5/84, Acrylic and Raw Canvas, 38"x40"

Strings of Color (White Triangle), 8/84, Acrylic and Latex on Canvas, 31"x36"

Perspective Lines (Red and Blue Square), 8/84, Acrylic on Canvas, 32"x32"


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